Monday, August 26, 2013

Richard Somers Parade and Monument Dedication

                    Bust of Richard Somers Will Be Dedicated at the Park next to Somers Point Library 
                                        After a parade - Saturday morning October 19 2013 
Richard Somers Parade and Monument Dedication
The City of Somers Point, Somers Point Historical Society, and AMVETS Post 911 invite your organization to participate in the
Richard Somers Parade and Monument Dedication on October 19, 2013.
The Parade will start at 10:00 am along Shore Road. The staging area for parade participants will be at 9:00 am at
Dawes Ave and Shore Rd, Somers Point.
We are requesting military/veterans organizations, civil war organizations, military vehicles, scouts, bands,
floats, and antique car owners to join us.
 We are requesting citizens to dress in historical apparel and walk in the parade.
Master Commandant Richard Somers was one of the first US Navy volunteers killed in combat. He was recruited by Commodore John Barry, the Father of the Navy, and his commission was signed by President John Adams.  During the era of the Barbary War and fighting in Tripoli, Libya under Edward Preble, Somers, as the officer in charge, died with his entire crew in the explosion of the Intrepid while attempting to light the Intrepid as a fire ship breaking the blockade into Tripoli Harbor. All 13 men died and are currently buried in Tripoli. The Intrepid Project has attempted for years to have the remains returned to the United States. The death of Somers and his crew was used as a rallying point in 1804 against the Barbary pirates and to stir up support for the American efforts to oust the pirates.
In a letter written to Mayor Chapman in 1942 on the reopening of Somers Mansion , Secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox stated:
There is no prouder name in the history of the U. S. Navy than that of Richard Somers, who in an attempt to destroy a flotilla of pirate ships in the war of Tripoli blew up the explosive-laden ship which he commanded, sacrificing his own life rather than see the ship captured. As long as the American flag flies on the seven seas, the heroism of Richard Somers will not be forgotten...The name of Somers has continued to blaze brightly in the pages of Naval history.
Since 1803, seven ships in our Navy have been named USS Somers and four ships have been named Intrepid, Towns have been named for Somers. Join with us as we honor our own "home grown" American hero.
Dedication for the Richard Somers Monument will be held at the end of the parade(11am) at the Somers Point Library on Shore Rd and New Jersey Ave
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