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Characters Persona - The Barbary Wars

Characters Persona

Abercrombie, Dr. – Director of the Philadelphia Free Academy.

Adams, John – President of the United States

Bainbridge, William – Captain of the USS Philadelphia, ran ground Tripoli habor, captured, with 300 man crew.

Barry, John – Captain, Commodore, US Navy.

Mrs. John Barry – Wife of Commodore

Barry, John – Schoolmaster, Philadelphia Free Academy

Bashaw of Tripoli – Karamanli,

Cooper, James Finimore – Historian, author of American Naval history and biographies.

Cowdery, Dr. Jonathan – Surgeon’s Mate, USS Philadelphia, captured and help prisoner by Bashaw of Tripoli, identified officers and buried the remains of the men of the USS Intrepid, Tripoli Harbor, September 4, 1804. RIP 21, Nov., 1852.

Cruzen, Rear Admiral – Present at US Navy ceremony at Old Protestant Cemetery, 1949, with Captain of USS Spokane.

Decatur, James – Younger brother of Stephen Decatur, killed in the battle of Tripoli Harbor, Summer, 1804.

Decatur, Jr., Stephen – Captain, USS Enterprise. Led assault on captured USS Philadelphia on USS Intrepid, 1804.

Decatur, Sr., Stephen – Commodore, Privateer, American Revolution; father of Stephen, Jr. and James, seasonal resident of Cape May, NJ.

Decatur, Mrs. Stephen – Wife of Captain Decatur. Lived in Decatur House in Washington, buried in DC until 1980s when reburied in Philadelphia next to husband.

Eaton, William – US emissary to Egypt, leader of expedition to Derne with O’Bannon and Hamet Karamanli.

Humphreys, Joshua – Philadelphia shipbuilder, contractor for USS United States.

Israel, Joseph – Midshipman, USN, 14 years old, perished aboard the USS Intrepid, Tripoli Harbor, September 4, 1804, buried at Tripoli.

Jefferson, Thomas – President of the United States.

Karamanli, Hamet – Brother to Yusef Karamanli.

Karamanli,Yusef – Bashaw of Tripoli.

Keen, Sarah Somers – Wife of William Jonas Keen, sister of Richard Somers.

Keen, Esq., William Jonas – Husband of Sarah Somes Keen, wrote last wills and testaments of John Barry and Richard Somers, executor of the estate of Richard Somers, and payment of prize money to crew of USS Nautilus.

Keen & Stillwell – Philadelphia lawyers, William Jonas Keen.

Leaming, Jonathan, F. – Morristown, NJ, inherited Somers’ Washington Ring, loaned it to Pennsylvania Historical Society for display.

Lear, Tobias – US counsel to Algiers, signed treaty freeing prisoners of USS Philadelphia.

Porter, David – Captain, naval officer and author of Navy history and took up collection for Tripoli monument.

Preble, Edward – Captain, Commodore of the Mediterrean Fleet.

Rush, Richard – Student at Philadelphia Free Academy, son of Revolutionary treasure, Dr. Benjamin Rush.

Somers, Jr., Richard – Lt., Captain, (b. 1776 – d. Sept. 4, 1804), buried at Tripoli harbor.

Somers, Richard, Sr. – Col., Privateer during the American revolution, father of Richard, Jr.

Somers, Sarah – Neice of Richard Somers. Inherited Somers’ Washington Ring.

Somers, Sarah – Sister of Richard Somers. Inherited Somers’ Washington Ring.

Sterrett, Andrew – Lt., Captain of USS Enterprise during early action against the Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean.

Stewart, Charles – Student at Philadelphia Free Academy, Lt. USS United States, Captain Barry, Captain.

Taft, Jr., Orray – US diplomat, present at US Navy ceremony at Old Protestant Cemetery, Tripoli, 1949.

Wadsworth, Henry – Lt. USN, died in the explosion of the Intrepid at Tripoli, Sept. 4, 1804.

Washington, George – President of the United States.

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