Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Green Square Tripoli


Green Square, Tripoli, the area east of the Old Castle Fort and Museum, is where people have traditionally gathered for celebrations, parades, marches and protests.

The largest American military cemetery in Afria is in Tunisia, the site of the first protests that seem to be happening across the North African continent and Middle East, with long established regimes falling like dominos.

If the popular insurections that have forced a change in power in Tunisia and is rocking Egypt spreads to other Arab countries, protests could occur in Libya. Although such protests against the Quadafi regime would proably begin in Bengazi, where hunger strikes have begun, if they occur in Tripoli, they will most likely be held at Green Square.

Green Sqaure, besides being the most popular place for people to gather and protest in Tripoli, is also where the remains of Lt. Richard Somers, Lt. Henry Wadsworth, Lt. Israel and eight men of the USS Intrepid are burried.

If such protests occur in Tripoli, they will most likely be held right at the gravesite of these American heroes.
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Bill Kelly said...

Once Gadhafis are gone, Green Square will be renamed Martyr's Square, in honor of all those who died fighting tyranny. The only bones buried there however, are those of Lt. Richard Somers and the officers and men of the USS Intrepid, Sept. 4, 1804. Libya won't be free until free Libyans can dance and celebrate their freedom at Martyr's Square, sacred American ground.