Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pro-Gaddafi Supporters in Green Square

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Almost all of the new Arab revolutions have centered around the main public square of every city where non-violent, peaceful protests usually begin, primarily on a Friday after prayers at a mosque. In Tripoli, Green Square, the part east of the old castle fort, is where most public gatherings take place and is where Mussolini and Gaddhafi have addressed the crowds from the ramparts.

After the Gaddhafi era is over and he is no longer in power, Green Square will revert to its former name, Martyr's Square, and the red, black and green tri-color with the crescent moon and star will fly over it.

The only real martyrs buried at Green Square are the American suicide bombers - U.S. Navy Master Commandant Richard Somers, Lt. Henry Wadsworth, Lt. Joseph Israel and the five men of the USS Intrepid.

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