Sunday, May 22, 2011

Martyr's Square, Tripli Libia (1966)


Jack Templeton, a US Air Force officer stationed at Wheelus Air Force Base in Tripoli, took this photo of his sons at Martyr's Square (now called Green Square) in 1966.

Templeton wrote a letter to the editor that was published in the New York Times that corrected an article they wrote about the disposition of the graves of the men of the Intrepid.

Templeton said that he often took his family to Martyr's Square for picknicks and that the origina grave site was then easily recognized, in the park just east of the Old Castle Fort.

Today, Green Square has been where pro-Ghaddafi supporters rally and demonstrate their support for the dictator.

A recent report notes that one Tripoli resident recounted:

"It didn't start off this way," said Mahmoud. "On 17 February when we heard about the uprising in the east and then the killings, we marched on Green Square [the heartland of central Tripoli] and we occupied it. I personally ripped down a large poster of Gaddafi. They were very important days."

Last week, as Mahmoud recounted the early moments of the revolution, he acknowledged things had not gone so well since.

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Khaled Khaled said...

Not Martyr's square. It is the Garden near Mahari Hotel (Raddison Blu) I think.?????