Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Explosion of the Intrepid - Tripoli Harbor Sept. 4, 1804

"Blowing Up of the Fire ship Intrepid commanded by Capt. Somers in the Harbour of Tripoli on the night of the 4th Sepr. 1804"

Contemporary line engraving.

Text on the original, below the title line, reads:
"Before the Intrepid had gained her Destined situation she was suddenly boarded by 100 Tripolines, when the Gallant Somers and Heroes of his Party, Lieuts. Wadsworth and Israel and 10 Men, observed themselves surrounded by 5 Gun-boats, and no prospect of Escape, determined at once to prefer Death and the Destruction of the Enemy, to Captivity & a torturing Slavery, put a Match to train leading directly to the Magazine, which at once blew the whole into the Air."

Descriptions directly below the image are (from left to right):
"Bashaw's Castle and Fort";
"Harbour of Tripoli";
"Fireship blowing up ...";
"Tripoline Gun Boats": and
"American Squadron".

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