Sunday, September 4, 2011

The USS Intrepid Sept. 4, 1804 - 2011

It was 207 years ago today that Master Commandant Richard Somers led a crew of twelve men aboard the USS Intrepid into Tripoli harbor on a covert, nighttime mission to destroy the anchored pirate fleet. Instead, the Intrepid exploded in the harbor and all thirteen men perished.

The next day their bodies were recovered and buried "one cable's length" from the old castle fort at what is now Martyr's Square.

Today, the American naval heroes are the only real mratyr's buried at Martyr's Square, which for the most part is a paved over parking lot used for mass rallys, demonstrations and celebrations.

The effort to have the remains of these men repatriated home so they can be properly buried has reached a tipping point in the US Senate.

Since the House of Representatives has passed the Rogers/LoBiondo repatriation amendment to the Defense Authorization Act (DAA) that is now being considered by the Senate, it is up to the Senate to include or reject the amendment as part of the DAA bill.

It only takes one Senator to oppose the measure for it to be defeated, and that is the most likely outcome since the US Navy, the DOD and at least on officer who works for the POW/MP office are opposed to it.

Contact your representatives in the Senate now and ask them to support the Rogers/LoBiondo Amendment to repatriate the remains of the US Navy heroes from Tripoli.

Thank you.

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