Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Senate Considers Tripoli Repatriation Amendment

Eight of the officers and men of the USS Intrepid are buried outside the walls of this old castle fort in Tripoli. They died in the explosion of the USS Intrepid in September 1804.

Thanks to the efforts of Rep. Mike Rogers (R. Mich) and Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R. NJ), the House of Representatives passed an amendment to the 2012 Defense Authorization Act and the Senate is now considering the resolution that calls for the repatriation of the remains of the men of the USS Intrepid from Tripoli.

This is a summary of the amendment now being considered by the US Senate.

Tripoli Soldiers Summary

Legislation to provide for the exhumation and transfer of remains of deceased members of the Armed Forces buried in Tripoli, Libya

The Secretary of Defense shall take whatever actions necessary to exhume the remains of any deceased members of the Armed Forces of the US buried at the mass burial sight containing the remains of any deceased United States Sailors located n Protestant Cemetery in Tripoli, Libya and the mass burial site containing the remains of eight Untied States Sailors located near the walls of the Tripoli Castle in Tripoli, Libya.

The Secretary of Defense will transfer the remains to an appropriate forensics laboratory to be identified.

In the case of any remains that are identified, transport the remains to veterans cemetery located in proximity, as determined by the Secretary , to the closest living family member of the deceased individual or at another cemetery determined by the Secretary .

For any member of the Armed Forces whose rains are identified, provide a military funeral and burial.

In the case that any remains not be identified, transport the remains to Arlington National Cemetery for interment at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

Five of the men were reburied nearby at Old Protestant Cemetery. Tripoli harbor in the background.

This old map of Triopli shows the old city, the old castle fort, that is now a museum, and the burning of the frigate USS Philadelphia and the ketch USS Intrepid in Tripoli harbor.

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Mikkey said...

I sincerely hope that these true Heroes can return to their country.

Now that we have a free Libya and an era of terror as finally over, their duty is finished; that their example remains forever in history.