Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Latest Photo of Old Protestant Cemetery, Tripoli

                                     Connecting Rays between Tripoli and Somers Point

Latest photo of the Old Protestant Cemetery, Tripoli

My friend Nuri, who sent the photo, notes: ‘It is looking west at sunset.  The frame captures three things at once.  1- The wall of the cemetery, final resting place of some of your men, on the left hand of the frame , 2- the place were the Intrepid blew up which is on the right side of the frame ( in the far back of the water you see just in front of the bow of the ship at port.  3 - The setting sun which at that time was early morning in their hometowns in the USA almost connecting them through its rays.”

He also says: “I would like to give you my belated condolences on the loss of Ambassador Chris J. Stevens.  He was a much liked and respected by most Libyans.  What happened to him in Benghazi was tragic and shameful.  40,000 people marched in Benghazi against his killers a week after his death.  He will be missed.”

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