Sunday, May 4, 2014

"Happy" in Tripoli

The Green Door to the Cemetery in Tripoli where the American Naval Heroes are buried and awaiting repatriation home, and featured briefly n a new dance video made in Tripoli based on Pharrell Williams international hit song "Happy."

Dancing at the Graves of American Naval Heroes

Happy in Tripoli

At 2:00 – 202 and again at 3:31 a young girl is dancing on steps in front of a dark green wood door and light brown walls - the "room without a roof." 

One notable version comes from the otherwise unhappy city of Tripoli, Libya. Libya has been wracked by instability since the fall of dictator Muammar Qaddafi after a civil war in 2011. In Tripoli, the unrest has recently taken the shape of a wave of high profile kidnappings.
Uploaded by a breakdance crew from the Libyan capital in late March, the Tripolitan video shows youths undaunted by the violence.

The steps to the front door of the cemetery.

                                                     The Room Without A Roof - Tripoli

The cemetery where American Naval Heroes are buried will be targeted by the radical Islamic extremists who killed Ambassador Stevens, are trying to outlaw music and dancing, and oppose the veneration of the dead - especially Islamic Sufi saints and Americans. They are also grave robbers who have dug up and removed the remains of revered Sufi holy men from the floors of mosques, and will most certainly target the Americans buried in Tripoli.

Who will removed the remains of the American Naval heroes in Tripoli first? The Islamic terrorists who killed  the Ambassador who will desecrate their graves and throw their bones to dogs in the desert, or the Americans who will repatriate them and properly rebury them with full military honors at home, where they belong?

Who will get beyond the Green Door first?

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