Tuesday, March 3, 2009

American Cemetery at Tripoli

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Here's the most recent photo we have of the cemetery gravesite in Tripoli.

As can be seen on the map posted previously, and in the photo, the walled cemetery, a few centries old, is crumbling, though the Libyans have begun to build a park around the cemetery.

It is located about one mile from the Old Castle Fort, 100 yards south of the main Coastal Highway. It is between the main center of the city and Wheelus Air Force Base, now the main airport.

This cemetery site, which has been secured by the US Embassy personel, has the remains of five of the thrirteen men of the original USS INTREPID, which exploded in Tripoli Harbor on September 4, 1804, two hundred and four years to the day that Condi Rice became the first US diplomat to visit Tripoli in nearly 40 years.

I'm also going to try to post a google map with a satelite photo of the site.

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