Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Map of American Cemetery in Tripoli

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As on all good pirate maps, X Marks the Spot of the Old Prodestant Cemetery in Tripoli, which has also been called the American Cemetery.

Kevin, who had been to Tripoli in the Air Force in the 50s, writes:

"The spot that I indicated on the map represents the approximate place where
the enclosed harbor ended at the head of land. The size of the harbor has
been greatly expanded to the sea wall that you can see at the east end of
the harbor."

"It is unbelievable how much Tripoli has changed in the past 50+ years.
Tripoli was a very small city with no high-rise buildings. There was
virtually no traffic, and you could drive through the city in 5-10 minutes
at most. The expansion of development has easily quadrupled..."

"The American Cemetery was located at the end of the wide paved sidewalk that
ran along the shoreline from the old fortress at the west end of the harbor.
It was no more than 1 mile from end to end. The waterfront was quite modern
and there were several hotels that had been built by the Italians. Beyond that point there were mostly small single family dwellings. I Recall that the cemetery was not far from where the road to Suk-El-Guima began."

"Wheelus was 10 km east from that point. That was the only road that went to
the base. Now there is a freeway that goes out to the Air Base and beyond.
I would love to revisit Tripoli, two of my children were born there. I have
nothing but very pleasant memories of my close to three years in Libya. I
became an avid underwater explorer and spear fisherman. I was a charter
member of the Underwater Explorers Club of North Africa founded by Simon
Coddringron, a close friend of Jacques Cousteau. Myself and the late Sgt.
Bill Henry once escorted Admiral Mountbatten on a scuba spear fishing trip
when he visited Tripoli with the Cruiser Glasgow. Lots of great memories.


Thanks Kevin, much obliged.

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